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Refund policy

Refund policy

At Jubilee Beds, we value every request and hope that you are satisfied with your new bed. As each item is custom-made and unique to you, we regret to inform you that returns are not possible. However, we do offer a 48-hour cooling off period, during which you can change your mind about minor details or cancel your request. After this period, one of our colleagues will contact you to confirm your request details.

We take great care to ensure that you are fully satisfied with your order and pay close attention to detail. Nevertheless, unforeseen circumstances can occur, and if you receive an incorrect or damaged item, please contact us immediately so we can rectify the issue and arrange for a replacement as soon as possible.

We kindly request that you inspect all items upon delivery to identify any issues or injuries that need our attention. If there are any damages or difficulties, please write them on the delivery note before signing and notify us at Jubilee Beds within 48 hours. Unfortunately, we cannot accept responsibility for any issues that arise outside of this time frame or without a record on the delivery note, as we will be liable for unintentional harm.

If you need to return or exchange an item due to flaws or incorrect orders, we will arrange for the delivery of a replacement item(s) and collect the current item(s) at no cost to you.

Once the packaging of a sleeping pad or mattress has been opened, it cannot be returned. However, if you wish to return a sleeping pad that is still in its original packaging, you may do so within 7 days of purchase and receive a full refund upon notifying us.

At Jubilee Beds, each return request is considered on an individual basis. If you are unhappy with your order and wish to return it, we may be able to work with you to offer a return and discount with certain conditions. This will incur a delivery, collection, and administration fee of £150, which may be subject to change upon prior notice and ongoing communication with the customer. It is the customer's responsibility to ensure that the item is securely packaged to prevent any damage during the return process.

If an order is canceled within 48 hours of being placed, no deduction will be made from the final cost. However, if an order is canceled after 48 hours, a deduction of 20% will be applied to the final cost due to the completion stage of the bed and its associated material costs.

Delivery information:

Our courier will get in touch with you to arrange a delivery time for all orders. Please note that during this challenging time, it will not be possible for you to choose your preferred delivery date.

To ensure timely delivery of your goods, it is crucial that you provide us with an accurate and current phone number for both your cell and home. Failure to do so may result in additional delays in the delivery of your order.


At Jubilee Beds, we offer a premium delivery service that is both fast and free to most regions of the UK. Once your order has been placed and the items are ready for distribution, typically within 24/48 hours, you will receive an email or text message that will allow you to select a delivery date that suits you best. To benefit from this service, we kindly request that all clients provide us with their current mobile or home contact number, as well as their email address.

At Jubilee Beds, each item is made to order after a verified order has been received. Although shipping to most regions takes only a few days, please note that in rare cases, shipping may take up to 21 working days for out-of-stock items. However, this should not affect the delivery schedule. If you require an item urgently or on a specific day, please contact our sales staff, and they will make the necessary arrangements.

We use professional furniture carriers for all of our deliveries to ensure that your items arrive in perfect condition. Your item will also be fully insured for your peace of mind. In the unlikely event of damage during transit, we will exchange the item free of charge.

The day before your scheduled delivery, you will receive an email and text message from our delivery team to inform you of the exact delivery time. Please note that in rare instances, unforeseeable circumstances may result in canceled deliveries, and we are unable to offer compensation for missed appointments.

In case our furniture delivery crew does not cover your area, we dispatch goods through a regular courier service, and you can confirm this by contacting us. Our courier service typically delivers within 2-4 days. Kindly note that we do not provide assembly services or remove old mattresses or beds. Delivery of our Divan beds and some mattresses may take 7 to 14 working days. While delivery is fast and free to most parts of the UK, some products may take longer to arrive. Please refer to the Delivery tab on the product page for more information, as some items may be delivered by different suppliers using various delivery services. It's important to be available to answer calls or emails from our couriers, who will contact you before delivery to schedule a convenient time. Failure to respond to their attempts to contact you will delay the delivery, so please ensure that we have your current contact information.

To determine if we deliver to your area, please ask if our furniture delivery team covers it; otherwise, we will dispatch goods via regular courier service, which typically takes 2-4 days. Please note that we do not provide assembly services or remove old mattresses or beds. Delivery for our Divan beds and certain mattresses may take 7 to 14 working days, and free and fast delivery is available to most parts of the UK. Please refer to the product page's Delivery tab for additional information on specific items that may take longer. Additionally, some items may be sourced from multiple suppliers, resulting in various delivery services. Please avoid taking time off work until you hear from our couriers, who frequently communicate through calls or text messages. Once you receive the message, you will be informed of the delivery date, with most deliveries scheduled for the same day. Please refrain from contacting us until 7 to 14 working days have elapsed since your order was placed. Delivery charges may apply in areas such as PA, KA, DG, FK, KY, PH, DD, AB, IV, TD, TR, KW, and BT. For additional information, please click the link below. As each item is custom-made to your specifications, returns are not possible. Our couriers deliver products to your property's communal door, and they are not permitted to transport them any further. Any couriers who go beyond the communal door do so as a gesture of goodwill and at the buyer's discretion, with the company not liable for any damages incurred to the items outside the communal door. Please keep in mind that delivery timeframes may be affected during the holiday season and national holidays. For further details, please contact our delivery team. Items are shipped flat pack for easy setup at your convenience..


Kindly take note that we no longer offer delivery services to off-shore locations due to the obligation of shipping uninsured products, and the buyer assumes all liability. For additional details, please feel free to contact us..


Our furniture is crafted with great care and attention to detail, and we're confident that you'll be thrilled with your purchase. Please note that we do not accept returns. If you decide to cancel your order after it has been processed or scheduled for delivery, there will be a cancellation fee of up to £49


If any components of your order are missing, we will promptly dispatch a replacement. Please notify us of any damages within 48 hours of receiving the goods, as we may not be able to exchange them at a later date. In certain circumstances, photographic evidence may be required to fix damaged components. To confirm next-day delivery availability, please contact us via phone or email. Rest assured that we do not disclose any of your personal information to third parties, as it is protected by the Data Protection Act of 1998. Before placing your order, please verify the delivery charges for your postal code, as they are subject to change.

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