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Frequently Asked Questions

Is price important?

Prices can vary on our beds depending on the design and style of choice. Our quality is remarkable and we always try our best to exceed our standards. We supply a variety of bed frames at affordable prices without reducing our quality in exchange for a reduced price.

What's popular at the moment?

Our most popular and trending bed is the Luxe Panel Design Bed frame. This is one of our most recent designs which have been launched which is soon to be followed by a complete collection with new designs soon to be released.

How long should my bed last me?

This can change depending on what bed is in usage. Once you feel you are not getting the comfort from the bed you had 1 year ago it usually means it is time to change your bed frame or most often a new mattress as when a bed is giving you discomfort the main point of contact is the mattress. We can stand firm behind our great quality by using strong timber wood to strengthen our bed frames.

How can I dispose of my old bed?

We offer a service of removing your old bed. When the courier arrives with your bed frame you are able to exchange your old bed and mattress for your new one. This will obviously cost as it saves the customer a trip to the local Tip. This is not a legal obligation or requirement, meaning it is a service from our company.

Do I have to buy a new base if I were to replace my old mattress?

Our company always recommends buying both a base and mattress as we design the bed and mattress alongside each other to support and complement each other. The reason we recommend this is because the measurements of the new mattress may not be equal to the size of the new base. To make sure the base and mattress sit well the measurements need to be accurate and the same.

Will a more expensive bed give me a better sleep?

It is not certain that an expensive bed will give you more comfort as this is totally up to personal preference. A solid low price bed may not give you the comfort you want as it is depending on your preference. In most cases our customers buy a softer mattress which is more expensive due to the quality of the mattress and the extra fillings inside.

How can I get my mattress to benefit me the most?

Once a newly opened mattress is used it will be in optimum condition and you will need to settle your bodyweight and size into your new mattress. Over time the mattress will adapt to your bodyweight and shape to provide you a great night sleep from time to time it is recommended to either turn your mattress around or flip it over depending on the type of mattress you have purchased to prolong its longevity.

Will a hard bed help with my aches and pains?

On most occasions the type of mattress you use is the key component in batling aches and pain. It is recommended that each and every customer is able to choose what type of mattress best suits you. We have a variety of mattress types to fit around your circumstances for example if you have sensitive back pain points it would be recommended for you to purchase a memory foam mattress or alternatively the orthopedic mattress.

What are the bed sizes?

There are no legal requirements or laws in regards to bed sizes as there is not a universal size guide line in place.. This has resulted in much confusion in the manufacturing industries. We ourselves work around the biggest companies and mattress suppliers to work with them to find the correct sizing which should accommodate 90% of all types of mattresses. There is no guarantee that ‘terms’ used by many such as ‘Kingsize’ are accurate measurements or should be referenced when approaching another company. It is recommended that when purchasing a bed frame it is better to purchase the complete set from one supplier as that would avoid any sizing issues. Common Name Usual Size (imperial) Usual Size (metric) Single 3ft x 6ft 3in 90 x 190cm Double 4ft 6in x 6ft 3in 135 x 190cm King 5ft x 6ft 6in 150 x 200cm Super King 6ft x 6ft 6in 180 x 200cm

Are there any delivery restrictions?

Unfortunately we do not deliver outside of England, Scotland and Wales which means we do not supply Northern Ireland, Ireland, Channel Islands, Gweynedd, shetland or Orkney. Below are the postcodes which we do not deliver! AB, BA, BH BN, BS, BT CA, CF, CO, CT DD, DG, DT EX FK GL, GY IP, IV JE KA, KW, KY, LA, LD, LL ME NP, NR PA, PH, PL, PO SA, SN, SO, SP, SY TA, TN, TQ, TR ZE
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