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Large Wall Clocks for Every Space: The Time Majesty UK

Large Wall Clocks for Every Space: The Time Majesty UK

Occasionally, we come across a large wall clock that captures our hearts, only to be uncertain about whether it suits the dimensions of the intended space – either too imposing or too diminutive. To avoid such dilemmas while clock shopping, it's wise to determine the right clock size that fits harmoniously into the designated area.

What is the Appropriate Size for a Large Wall Clocks?

Although compact large wall clocks excel in functionality and confined spaces, there's a possibility you desire a large wall clock that doubles as a captivating piece of art.

This doesn't diminish the appeal of intricate or artistic small clocks, yet they often lack the visual impact of a larger counterpart that naturally commands more visual real estate. Taking this into account, the question arises: when and where should one opt for a sizable wall clock?

Arranging the Area

While there isn't a fixed formula for the perfect proportion of wall space to clock size, it's important to evaluate the available space and how much of it you intend to utilize. If you're opting for an oversized large wall clock as a bold centerpiece, it's advisable for it to dominate the wall without competing for attention.

To preserve the clock's aesthetic appeal and prevent visual clutter, it's wise to strategically position statement pieces on different walls or even in distinct rooms. Each distinctive piece, whether it's artwork or another form of decor, should be able to stand independently, capturing the viewer's focus and establishing a mood.

Ideally, you should select a relatively empty wall or create space on your chosen wall to ensure a suitable backdrop. Once you've chosen the wall for decoration, consider its potential as a focal point.

Large Wall Clocks

A wall behind the main seating area might not be the most effective in drawing attention to the large wall clock. On the other hand, a wall adjacent to or in the line of sight of the usual focus area is a more suitable choice, provided there's ample space.

Places worth contemplating for clock placement include above a fireplace mantle, near a study desk, or within the entryway of the home. The recommended guideline for artwork on a wall suggests covering around 2/3rds to 3/4ths of the wall space.

This could be quite a significant expanse to cover unless the wall is relatively small. Hence, consider complementing the clock with art that shares a similar theme or adjust the ratio based on your discretion or with insights from an interior designer.

Where to Hang Your Wall Clock on the Bedside: A Guide to Considerations

Determining the ideal location for your wall clock on the Ambassador bed's opposite side involves a blend of factors, including the room's layout, your individual preferences, and the desired aesthetic.

To make an informed choice, review the following points:

Optimal Visibility: Prioritize hanging the wall clock on the Panel bed's side that offers the clearest view from your customary vantage point. The time should be effortlessly readable without straining, whether you're lying down or seated on the Cube bed.

Harmonious Balance: Achieve a sense of equilibrium and symmetry by positioning the wall clock on the Sleigh bed's side opposite any notable wall ornaments or fixtures. This arrangement fosters visual appeal and maintains a balanced ambiance, preventing a lopsided feel within the space.

Consider Furniture and Features: Contemplate the placement of other bedroom furnishings and features. If there's a nightstand or bedside table on the Bespoke Bed’s one side, opt for the opposite side to hang the substantial wall clock, evading overcrowding.

Mind Electrical Outlets: If your wall clock necessitates power, ensure a conveniently reachable electrical outlet exists on your chosen side. This eliminates the need for unsightly cords or cumbersome wiring arrangements.

Aesthetic Harmony: Reflect upon the overarching style and design of your bedroom, incorporating the positioning of the Wingback bed. The wall clock can complement the existing decor, so select the side aligning with the desired room ambiance and style.

Ease of Usage: Should the oversized wall clock encompass additional functions like alarms or settings requiring frequent access, contemplate hanging it on the Ottoman Bed's side that's most easily reachable for your convenience.

In essence, the wall clock's placement should augment both the visual allure and practicality of your bedroom. Prior to finalizing your decision, dedicate time to evaluating the room's layout in conjunction with your personal preferences. 

Large Wall Clocks

Clock Size Matters

When it comes to the size of your clock, it's essential to consider the impact it has on your space. Opting for a large wall clock that's too large or too small can lead to a cramped and cluttered appearance or an overly sparse and mismatched look on your walls.

Generally, clocks range from six to eighteen inches (approximately 15 cm to 45 cm) in diameter. Smaller clocks might measure around 8.5 inches (21 cm), medium-sized ones tend to fall within the 12 to 24 inches (30 to 60 cm) range, and larger clocks can span from 24 to 32 inches (60 to 81 cm).

Determining the ideal large wall clock size involves considering its purpose. Is the clock primarily for decorative purposes or functional timekeeping? While using a larger clock in a smaller space can create an attention-grabbing oversized aesthetic, it's crucial to avoid selecting a clock that's too small for a larger room. A tiny clock can appear underwhelming and easily fade into the background or seem out of place.

Select a large wall clock size that comfortably sits at eye level and remains easily readable from across the room. Straining to read the time from a distance can be frustrating, so opt for a size that allows for effortless time checking. Gathering unbiased opinions about the clock's readability can also help in making the right choice.

When choosing a large wall clock, there are size-related guidelines to consider based on the room it will occupy. For a small clock, prioritize quieter mechanisms to avoid constant ticking sounds. Opt for battery-operated options to minimize maintenance, unlike winding clocks. Clear Arabic or Roman numerals are advisable for easy reading on a smaller clock face. Ensure the clock is lightweight and easy to hang, featuring a nail slot for convenience.

Medium-sized clocks provide an opportunity to explore contemporary styles that deviate from traditional aesthetics. Experiment with vibrant colors and unconventional designs, as the larger size ensures readability. Consider durable materials like aluminum or composites for a clock that lasts. Medium-sized clocks suit spaces like bedrooms, bathrooms, or living areas.

Large Wall Clocks

Larger clocks offer ample room for creativity and can serve as impactful decor pieces. As they occupy significant wall space, they should harmonize with your decor and potentially function as statement pieces. While an easy-to-read clock face is practical, large wall clock are inherently readable from a distance, even if they sport abstract or decorative designs. Handcrafted, frameless clocks often dominate this category, adding style and allure to homes when hung in prominent spaces like living areas, kitchens, and spacious hallways.

Mounting the large wall clock

When dealing with large wall clock, their increased weight can pose challenges during the hanging process. Finding a secure way to support the clock on the wall becomes crucial, as you certainly wouldn't want the clock to collapse under its own weight and come crashing down. There are various strategies to tackle this task, and it's important to keep in mind that your clock is likely to be quite delicate as well.

Evaluate the wall itself:

Recognize that drywall is not as robust as materials like stone or brick. Despite this, there are multiple options available for different types of walls. Using a magnet or a stud finder, locate any studs in the wall, and ensure that you affix the large wall clock to the sturdiest point. In the case of drywall, this involves identifying the wooden support behind it and using that as the optimal spot to hang your clock.

Begin by measuring and identifying the desired hanging location of large wall clock.

 If you're opting for the wall's center, this step becomes crucial. Mark the exact spot where you intend to place your hanging fixture using a faint pencil mark.

Visit a home hardware store and explore the assortment of hanging screws available.

Pay attention to the weight capacity they are rated for. Opting for screws with a slightly higher weight capacity than your clock's weight is a prudent choice, ensuring its safety and stability.

Examine fastening options that are affixed to the wall using screws, or consider using an anchor that can be securely screwed into the backside of the wall. Additionally, you might find hooks and picture cords beneficial for evenly distributing the weight across multiple points.

Test the securement by gently pulling downward on it using either your hand or a length of string to verify its ability to support your clock.

Refrain from using nails, as they might lack the necessary strength to bear the weight of an oversized large wall clock. Adhesive hooks also pose the risk of detaching from the wall if not correctly applied.

Step back and appreciate your craftsmanship along with your new (or pre-existing) piece of artwork that has finally found its designated spot. During the initial week of having your clock mounted, you may want to reconfirm the stability of the attachment. If possible, take down the clock temporarily to inspect the hanging mechanism, ensuring that there has been no displacement, deformation, or weakening.

The Large Wall Clock

You might have already chosen your exquisite clock, but if you're still seeking inspiration, consider taking a look at Bramwell Brown's Large Weather Clock. Measuring a substantial 53 centimeters, it holds a captivating display of weather animations on a grander scale compared to our other offerings. The clock comes with free delivery; however, due to its delicate nature, it's exclusively available for shipping within the UK and to specific postcodes.

For those interested in a large wall clock of medium size, explore Bramwell Brown's range of Weather Clocks, which includes their exclusive editions showcasing scenes from London, remote wilderness, and various airborne endeavors. Beyond the classic Weather Clock, they offer several other versions of forecasting timepieces, allowing for additional personalization with custom face or frame colors. This makes them an ideal choice for gifting, whether for a special occasion or a commemorative moment.

Once you've chosen the large wall clock you intend to hang, ensure convenient access for battery replacement or minor repairs. Keep the owner's manual and any accompanying warranty in a secure location, if provided. Embrace this moment to relax and relish your new wall addition, as a clock of this magnitude stands as a striking statement piece on its own.


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