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Elevate Your Outdoor Space with Stylish Fence Panels in the UK

by adiba wishal 18 Oct 2023

Elevate Your Outdoor Space with Stylish Fence Panels in the UK

A fence panel, referred to as a fence section, is the integral component between two supporting posts or adjacent walls. These panels consist of one or more horizontal rails that stabilize a series of vertical pickets, spindles, or balusters.

Fence panels come in two primary variations: pre-fabricated, commonly seen with materials like vinyl and ornamental aluminium, or crafted using individual boards and rails, resembling the classic picket fence design. The typical length for most fence panels falls within the range of 6 or 8 feet, determined by the chosen material. Panels exceeding 8 feet in height may experience sagging due to weight, while shorter boards necessitate extra posts and hardware, incurring additional expenses.

Selecting the Ideal Wooden Fence Panels for Your Garden

Fencing has long been an aesthetically pleasing and cost-effective method for demarcating boundaries in outdoor spaces, among their various other applications. Wooden fences, renowned for their versatility, affordability, ease of maintenance, and aesthetic charm, have graced different outdoor areas for centuries. Whether you aim to enclose a private sanctuary in your home garden or secure a commercial property, you'll discover an array of wooden panels that can mirror your style while aligning with your budget.

 Stylish Fence Panels

Beyond their visual appeal and garden-enhancing qualities, wooden fence panels enjoy widespread popularity due to the diverse range of wood types available and the ease with which they can be installed, revamped, or replaced as necessary. However, the question arises: How can you choose from the outset? With our extensive experience crafting, supplying, and installing wooden fencing panels throughout various regions in the UK, we possess the knowledge needed to elevate your outdoor garden.

Seek Guidance from Experts

Whether your quest is for wooden fencing panels in a residential or commercial garden setting, regardless of their size, our team of experts at Sheds to Last extends a helping hand by providing complimentary consultations and invaluable insights on design, wood selection, and ongoing maintenance practices that will ensure the Longevity of your fence. Provide recommendations based on our findings. Moreover, we can offer cost estimates without any obligation. Our wooden fence specialists will carefully consider the intended purpose of your fence, environmental factors, and the most suitable design to fulfil all your requirements.

Fence Panels: Easy Installation and Versatile Options

Installing fence panels is a straightforward process, made even simpler using timber-slotted fence posts instead of concrete fence posts. The key is to ensure the seats are installed level; from there, the panels can be effortlessly slotted into position one after the other. Explore our range of fence posts [insert hyperlink] to get started.

Once the fence is in place, the flexibility of slotted posts becomes apparent. Fence panels can be easily lifted out when access is needed, although we recommend using screws to secure timber fence panels to timber posts for enhanced security.

If you've decided to undertake a DIY fence installation, you'll find a wealth of resources to assist you every step of the way. However, when building a fence on sloped terrain, you'll need to follow a unique installation process, resulting in what's known as a 'stepped' fence.

When dealing with sloped ground, one of the crucial considerations is ensuring that your fence maintains stability and aesthetic appeal. Your fence posts should always match the height of the higher panel when adjacent panels are involved. Additionally, keeping all panels level is paramount to a visually pleasing outcome.

Fence panels are delivered as pre-made, singular systems, ready to slot into the posts. Remember that these panels can be heavy, so proper handling is essential.

Not only does a panel fence serve its primary function, but it also allows for creative customization. Adding a trellis topper panel on the fence adds a decorative touch. These versatile panels, known as topper panels, trellis, or railings, offer numerous design possibilities.

Exploring the Most Popular Wood Types for Durable Fence Panels

Two wood species stand out when crafting sturdy and appealing wooden fence panels: pine and cedar. These woods are prized for their aesthetic qualities, exceptional durability, and other outstanding characteristics.

Pressure-Treated Wooden Fence Panels

Pressure-treated wooden fence panels are the epitome of strength, which makes them an excellent option for residential fencing. These panels undergo a meticulous treatment process with chemical preservatives and are subjected to a weather and pest-resistant chamber. While they require periodic maintenance, they are easy to work with and can serve you faithfully for years without needing replacement.

Dip-Treated Wooden Fence Panels

Dip-treated panels are submerged in a wood preservative solution, effectively protecting against the elements. This treatment makes the wood repel water, though it's advisable to paint them annually. Opting for a spirit-based paint can prolong the lifespan of the treatment.

Traditional Wooden Fence Panels

These are the classic horizontally wanes-edged, also known as overlap panels. Crafted from boards cut directly from trees, some retain their bark, creating a rustic charm. The overlapping design ensures maximum security and privacy for your garden.

Feather Edge Panels

Feather edge panels are commonly referred to as close-board panels, which are excellent for marking boundaries and enhancing privacy. They are constructed from tapered boards, skillfully joined to form a solid wooden fence. You can purchase the boards and assemble your wall or opt for ready-made feather edge panels for quick installation.

Picket Panels (Palisade)

Picket panels, also known as palisade fencing, are an excellent choice for safeguarding pets and other animals.

Decorative Fencing

Decorative fencing options include horizontal woven and lattice panels, adding an aesthetic dimension to your property.

Willow Panels

Crafted from willow or hazel, these panels serve security and aesthetics for specific garden sections. If you have inquiries or seek information about custom wooden panel types and designs, don't hesitate to contact our experts at Sheds to Last.

Stylish Fence Panels

When choosing between fence panels and traditional fencing, it's essential to consider their respective advantages. Here are some of the benefits of fence panels in comparison to conventional fencing:

Edges of Fence Panels:

  • Exceptional durability and resistance to weather and pests.
  • Ease of maintenance.
  • Various styles and designs are available.

Advantages of Traditional Fencing

When it comes to traditional fencing, several advantages make it a compelling choice. From an aesthetic standpoint, traditional fencing often boasts a superior appearance to fence panels. For instance, the conventional feather board design, where the fence conceals posts on the exterior, leaves only solid timber boards visible. This results in a more visually appealing and seamless look.


Traditional fences also offer practical benefits. They tend to be easier to install, especially in situations where the ground exhibits variations in elevation. In such cases, constructing a continuous fence with panels might be cumbersome, whereas traditional fencing can adapt more readily to uneven terrain.

Another advantage of traditional fencing lies in the assembly process. Individuals opting for on-site assembly simplify the task, particularly for solo installers. The absence of heavy panels to lift and manoeuvre eases the installation process, making it more manageable.


Maintenance and repairs are also worth considering. Should a couple of individual components, or "pales," become damaged in a traditional fence, they can be replaced relatively quickly and at a lower cost. In contrast, repairing a panel fence is more complex, often requiring the purchase of an entirely new panel. However, it's essential to note that well-constructed panel fences using high-quality materials, such as pressure-treated timber, are less prone to these issues.


The flexibility of fence length is another critical advantage of traditional fencing. Adjusting the fence run's size, cutting rails, and attaching the necessary pales is straightforward. It contrasts with panel fences, where resizing panels at the end of a run can be more challenging. Finally, traditional fencing offers greater flexibility and ease of adaptation compared to panel fences for those looking to incorporate angles less than 90° into their fencing design. It makes it a practical choice for diverse landscape configurations.

Selecting the Ideal Fence Paint for Your Fence Panels

When it comes to improving the appeal and durability of your outdoor space, choosing the right fence paint for your panels is essential. A well-painted wall adds colour and shields your fencing from the elements. With many options available, it's necessary to make an informed decision about the best fence paint that combines functionality and style.

1. Understanding Your Options

Fence paint comes in various forms, such as water-based and oil-based paints, stains, and specialized fence paint. Water-based fence paint is eco-friendly, while oil-based fence paint offers exceptional durability. Colours reveal the natural wood grain; specialized fence paint often includes UV protection and weather resistance.

2. Considering Fence Material

Different fence materials demand specific paints. Wooden fence panels need fence paint that safeguards against rot, insects, and harsh weather. For metal or vinyl fence panels, rust-resistant and weatherproof fence paint is a must. Always check the label to ensure the fence paint suits your fence material.

3. Prioritizing Longevity

Invest in high-quality, long-lasting fence paint to save time and money in the long run. Look for weather-resistant and fade-resistant features that ensure your wall remains vibrant and protected for years.

4. Choosing the Right Color

Your fence paint colour selection can significantly impact your outdoor aesthetic. Consider your house and garden's colour scheme and choose from neutral tones or bold colours that suit your style.

5. Proper Preparation

For a lasting finish, prepare your fence panels meticulously. Clean them, remove dirt and old fence paint, and sand the surface for better adhesion. Use a primer when necessary to ensure an even finish.

6. Applying the Fence Paint

Follow the manufacturer's instructions closely when applying the fence paint. Apply fence paint using quality brushes or sprayers for an even, smooth coat. Multiple thin coats of fence paint are preferable to one thick one, with adequate drying time between each.

With an informed approach to choosing fence paint, you can transform your panels into a durable and visually pleasing aspect of your outdoor space. Investing in high-quality fence paint and following the correct application procedures guarantees Longevity and visual appeal for years to come.

What are the best fence panels for modern home designs?

When selecting fence panels for a modern home, consider the aesthetics, maintenance, privacy, and security needs. Options like horizontal wood, sleek metal, elegant glass, eco-friendly composites, weathering Corten steel, sturdy concrete, sustainable bamboo, rustic gabion walls, and low-maintenance vinyl provide choices for various preferences and budgets. Ensure the chosen design complements your home's style and adheres to local regulations. Factors like climate and maintenance requirements must also guide your decision. The ideal fence panels for a modern home blend form and function, enhancing the property's overall appeal while providing privacy and security.

Stylish Fence Panels

What are the best suitable bed frame materials for modern home designs?

  • Ambassador Bed: Crafted with high-quality wood, it features a sleek and minimalist design, making it a perfect fit for modern home interiors. Its wooden frame offers durability and elegance, enhancing the overall aesthetic of the bedroom.
  • King-size Bed: King-size beds are available in various materials, including wood, metal, and upholstered options. Opting for a king-size bed with a clean and contemporary design can create a focal point in the bedroom, providing both style and comfort.
  • Bespoke Bed: A bespoke bed frame allows homeowners to customize the materials and design according to their preferences. It can be tailored to modern home designs, incorporating specific materials, finishes, and features that align with the interior decor.
  • Panel Bed: Panel beds, characterized by their decorative panels on the headboard and sometimes on the footboard, can be found in different materials such as wood or upholstered finishes. These panels can be designed in modern geometric patterns or minimalist styles, adding a touch of sophistication to the bedroom.


Choosing the Perfect Wooden Fence Panel for Your Garden

There are a variety of sizes available for wooden fence panels. It is available in a wide range of options to cater to your specific needs, considering the dimensions of your garden, intended purpose, preferred design, and desired wood (whether treated or untreated). Here's a glimpse of what we have to offer:

What Fence Panel Heights Are Available?

Our fence panel heights are designed with flexibility in mind. By combining a 140mm gravel board with our 1.83m high fence panels, you'll get a total height of 1.97m, which falls comfortably under the typical 2m planning height limit. We also provide a range of other fence panel heights to suit various requirements.


In conclusion, fence panels are essential and versatile for creating beautiful and functional boundaries in outdoor spaces. They come in various styles and materials, making preferences easy. Whether you opt for pre-fabricated panels or craft your own, the range of wood types, including pine and cedar, allows for a personalized and durable solution.

Fence panels offer exceptional durability, resistance to weather and pests, and ease of maintenance, making them a popular choice. However, it's essential to acknowledge the advantages of traditional fencing, particularly for those seeking a more seamless and visually appealing look. Traditional fencing is often easier to install, adaptable to uneven terrain, and more straightforward to repair in case of damage.

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