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Egg Chairs for Every Lifestyle: Perfect Seating Solution in the UK

Egg Chairs for Every Lifestyle: Perfect Seating Solution in the UK

Egg chairs have a rich history, spanning over half a century, and they were initially designed as alternatives to traditional couches and sofas. In 1958, the renowned designer Arne Jacobsen created the first Egg Chair for the Radisson SAS Hotel in Copenhagen. Republic of Fritz Hansen was responsible for crafting this uniquely shaped and iconic chair using the finest materials at the time.

While there's some debate about whether Arne Jacobsen drew inspiration from Euro Saarinen's 'Womb Chair,' it's clear that the Egg Chair had its own distinct identity. These chairs quickly gained popularity due to their remarkable aesthetic appeal and the comfort they offered to those who sat in them. However, only a limited number of these original Egg Chairs were produced.

Most of these chairs were commissioned for the Radisson Hotel, with a few designated as collectables and produced as 'Special Edition' pieces. This exclusivity added to their allure, making them highly coveted by collectors and enthusiasts. It's worth noting that these chairs came with a substantial price tag, with each chair estimated to cost a whopping $60,000 back in 1958. Despite the high cost, those who desired these uniquely designed chairs were willing to invest in them, drawn to their exquisite craftsmanship and distinctive appearance.

Egg Chairs

The Egg Chair was intended for opulent and luxurious settings, designed to complement the most extravagant surroundings. These chairs were not just pieces of furniture; they were statement pieces, known for their size and the need for ample space to accommodate them.

What Is a Hanging Egg Chair?

Hanging egg chairs, known by various names such as egg chair, ball chair, pod chair, basket chair, and basket swing, all refer to the same innovative seating solution. These chairs are designed to hang either from the ceiling or a support beam of a stand specifically created for hanging chairs. While traditional hanging chairs were crafted from woven rattan, modern versions predominantly feature a synthetic rattan material, often called PE Rattan.


Initially, some individuals might be hesitant upon learning that their hanging egg or pod chair is made from synthetic materials. However, the meticulous handcraftsmanship in their creation sets these chairs apart. Despite the use of manufactured materials, a significant portion of PE rattan wicker is still made by skilled artisans. Each hanging chair is unique, adding a special touch to your seating experience.


What makes hanging egg chairs genuinely exceptional is their blend of modern design and traditional craftsmanship. Although the materials have evolved, the essence of handcrafting remains, making these chairs a delightful addition to any space. So, when you invest in a hanging egg chair, you're getting a stylish and comfortable seat and a piece of art. Embrace the charm of handcrafted furniture and elevate your relaxation with a hanging egg chair today.

Double Egg Chairs: A Perfect Blend of Comfort and Style

A popular choice for those seeking a complete seating solution, as they often come as a comprehensive package, including a stand that's purpose-built for suspending these distinctive pod, ball, or basket chairs. The frames supporting these double egg chairs adhere to a standard that boasts several key features:

  1. Aluminum Construction: Most of these double egg chair stands are crafted from lightweight aluminium, even though they can be substantial in size. This choice of material ensures that they remain accessible to transport and manoeuvre.
  2. Powder Coated Finish: These double egg chair stands are treated with a powder coating process involving the application of a fine powder comprising pigment and resin. The powder is electrostatic ally sprayed onto the stand's surface, which adheres to it until heated and fused in a curing oven. The result is a consistent, durable, and aesthetically pleasing finish. The versatility of powder coating extends to various colour options, allowing for customization to match your style.
  3. Weather-Resistant: These double egg chair stands are prepared to withstand the elements following the powder coating. They become both water and UV-resistant, ensuring they can endure whatever weather conditions.

These double egg chairs, originally designed for indoor use, have found a new lease of life in the great outdoors. Many people now enjoy them in their gardens. However, it's not just limited to backyard usage. With changing living arrangements and the rise of apartment living, these double egg chairs are making their way onto balconies and into living rooms.


These double egg chairs come in various sizes, typically designed to accommodate an adult, sometimes even two comfortably. Whether you tuck your legs up or let them dangle, hanging double egg chairs provide a unique and relaxing seating experience. Consider investing in a hanging double egg chair with a stand that combines durability, aesthetics, and portability to elevate your comfort and style. To explore our range of frames for double egg chairs, you can [click here](insert link) to find the perfect match for your hanging chair.

Egg Chairs

 Types of Egg Chairs

With their unique and captivating design, Egg chairs come in various styles to cater to different preferences and settings. These distinct types of egg chairs include hanging egg chairs, stationary egg chairs, swivel egg chairs, and egg chairs explicitly designed for children.

1. Hanging Egg Chairs

Hanging egg chairs are a beloved choice for those who seek a suspended, airy experience. These chairs can be set up in two primary ways. Some hanging egg chairs come with a sturdy base, like the highly-rated indoor/outdoor hanging chair available on Amazon, capable of supporting up to 350 pounds. These models include a curved pole, which connects to a chain and acts as the anchor point for the chair. The curved rod descends to a circular base, ensuring stability on any flat surface.


For those who prefer a more whimsical touch, hanging egg chairs, such as the one offered by Serena and Lily, need a base. It is possible to suspend these chairs from a tree or ceiling, creating a dreamy, floating sensation. However, a secure attachment point, like a porch covering or sturdy branch, is necessary to set them up in this way. If finding such a spot is a challenge, the convenience of an egg chair with an included base is a great alternative.

2. Stationary Egg Chairs

Like the Best Choice Wicker Egg Chair, stationary egg chairs come with a classic four-legged base. These chairs are an excellent choice if you prefer a stable seating option and want to avoid the swaying motion characteristic of hanging egg chairs. With a stationary base, you can enjoy the distinctive egg chair design without concerns about tipping over.

3. Swivel Egg Chairs

Swivel egg chairs provide a dynamic and fun twist to the traditional design. Like the Sun Joy Laura Swivel Egg Cuddle Chair, outdoor swivel egg chairs offer a spacious and comfortable seat, perfect for summer relaxation. The swivel base allows you to spin around, adding an element of playfulness to your outdoor living space. Enjoy the comfort and versatility of a swivel egg chair as you take in the beauty of your surroundings.

4. Egg Chairs for Kids

Egg chairs are not limited to adults; there are also specially designed versions for children. Models like the Better Homes & Gardens Kid's Ventura Egg Chair are tailored to little ones. These chairs typically come with a sturdy base and legs for added stability. Unlike their hanging counterparts, kids' egg chairs do not swing or sway, ensuring the safety and comfort of the young ones.

Unlocking the Versatility of Egg Chairs

With their distinctive and cosy design, Egg chairs offer a world of possibilities for enhancing your living space. Beyond their unique appearance, these hanging swing chairs can serve various purposes, making them a valuable addition to your home. Here are seven creative ways to make the most of your egg chair:

1. Create a Reading Nook:

Embrace the enveloping comfort of an egg chair as your reading sanctuary. Step away from the daily hustle and find solace in the pages of your favourite novel. Dedicate some quiet hours after work and unwind with a chapter or two. Whether in your bedroom, living room, conservatory, or kitchen, your egg chair can transform any corner into a tranquil reading nook.

2. Embrace the View:

Amid the chaos of life, we often overlook the beauty just outside our doors. Nature's tranquillity has the power to rejuvenate your mind and reduce stress. Take a few moments to connect with the outdoors. Position your egg chair to face a garden view, or place it near a large window to appreciate nature's wonders from the comfort of your home.

3. Craft a Window Seat Alternative:

Did you ever dream of having a cosy window seat as a child? While custom window seats can be costly, an egg chair offers an affordable and equally comfortable alternative. Its high sides provide a cradling effect, making it perfect for extended sitting.

4. Utilize Empty Spaces:

We all have that awkward, unused corner in our homes. An egg chair with a stand can effortlessly fill this void, turning it into a cosy and functional space. There is no need to search for the right piece of furniture; the egg chair fits perfectly.

5. Enhance Your Learning Space:

Evenings are a great time to acquire new skills or knowledge. With the help of an egg chair, you can embark on your learning journey without leaving the comfort of your home. Study a new language, develop a skill, or quickly pursue any educational Endeavour. The encapsulating design helps you concentrate and block out distractions.

6. Create a Relaxation Zone:

Reading may not be your preferred relaxation method, and that's perfectly fine. Mental well-being is a priority; an egg chair can support mindfulness activities. Meditate, listen to podcasts, or write in a gratitude journal within the cosy confines of your swing chair, blocking out disturbances and distractions.

7. Make an Aesthetic Statement:

Sometimes, all your home needs is a touch of aesthetics. An egg chair with a woven, bozo-themed design impacts any living space. Create an indoor zen garden and complement the chair with wicker baskets for throws and cushions. A rug underfoot enhances the cosy atmosphere, while a side table with a light source sets the stage for evening reading or relaxation.

With these seven reasons to embrace an egg chair, your next step is to style it perfectly. Let wicker baskets, rugs, and well-placed lighting elevate the comfort and charm of your newfound favourite spot.

Egg Chairs

What are some of the best ways to incorporate an egg chair into a bedroom?

Incorporating an egg chair into a bedroom can add a touch of style, comfort, and relaxation to your space. Here are some creative ways to do so with each bed option you mentioned:

1. Ambassador Bed:

Cosy Reading Nook: Place the egg chair near a window or in a corner of the bedroom, creating a dedicated reading nook. Combine it with a small side table and a lamp for a perfect reading spot.

2. King size Bed:

Luxurious Lounging: If you have ample space, position the egg chair at the foot of your king-size bed to create an elegant lounging area. This setup is ideal for relaxation, watching TV, or enjoying morning coffee.

3. Bespoke Bed:

Aesthetic Focal Point: Incorporate the egg chair as a central focal point in your bedroom. Hang it from the ceiling or use a stylish stand. It can be an artistic element in the room and blend well with a custom-made bespoke bed.

5. Panel Bed:

Symmetrical Balance: For a harmonious look, place the egg chair beside a panel bed, ensuring it complements the bed's style and colour. This arrangement can create a sense of symmetry and balance in the room.

FAQ about Egg Chairs

You may also be asking yourself, Why an egg shape?

The answer becomes evident the moment you settle into one. The gentle curvature of an egg chair is not just a visual delight but also incredibly ergonomic. It's like slipping into your most comfortable attire – a perfect fit.

What are egg chairs made out of?

Let's explore the materials typically used to craft these iconic chairs. The original Ditzel egg chair was crafted from rattan, a natural wood often favoured in furniture design. Today, you'll encounter egg chairs constructed from either natural wood or synthetic materials that mimic the appearance of timber while being weather-resistant. Underneath these materials, you'll usually find a sturdy metal base. When an egg chair is intended for outdoor use, the metal components are treated to resist rust, ensuring durability in moist conditions. 

Inside the chair, comfortable cushions are essential for making the seat cosy. For outdoor use, opt for cushions made from performance materials like Sunbelt, which are water and UV-resistant. It ensures that your egg chair remains unfazed by the elements and maintains its allure over time.



In conclusion, Egg chairs have an intriguing history that dates back over half a century. These chairs gained fame thanks to Arne Jacobsen's iconic creation for the Radisson SAS Hotel in Copenhagen in 1958. Their exclusivity and distinctive design made them highly sought after, even with a significant price tag. Over the years, Egg chairs have evolved, and today, we have hanging egg chairs that blend modern materials with traditional craftsmanship, offering a comfortable and artistic seating experience.

Double egg chairs, designed for indoor and outdoor use, have become a versatile seating solution. They come with lightweight aluminium stands, are powder-coated for durability and are available in various colours. This adaptability has extended their use to balconies and living rooms, making them more accessible and functional in the UK.

Egg chairs come in different styles, including hanging, stationary, swivel, and even ones designed for kids. Their unique design and cosy comfort charm various settings, from reading nooks to relaxation zones. They can also fill unused spaces in your home or serve as a striking aesthetic statement, enhancing the overall appeal of your living room. With a blend of ergonomic design and comfortable cushions, Egg chairs offer a stylish seating option and a practical one. Whether crafted from natural wood or synthetic materials, their longevity and appeal over time in the UK.

So, whether you're looking for a unique, cosy spot to read, a dynamic swivelling experience, or a comfortable seat for your child, Egg chairs offer versatility and comfort in a visually pleasing package. Explore the world of Egg chairs and find the perfect one to enhance your living space in the UK.

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